Yards End


What is Yards End?

Yards End is a home and small business consultation service, geared towards providing home owners with tips on how to begin, grow and maintain a garden that would be the envy of the neighbourhood. Run by Jim Galbraith, a winner of several national awards while in the employ of Western Ontario, Yards End offers personalized and tailored advice for all things lawn and garden.

How did we respond?

Yards End promotes beautiful, healthy gardens. So we developed a simple logo that embodied a thriving garden, along with a colour scheme that was easy on the eyes and reminiscent of one’s own garden. Along with the logo and the website, we developed business cards featuring rounded corners and beautiful raised type.

Yards End also wanted to provide tips for people, so we designed a blog post and archives page that is easy to navigate and easy on the eyes, featuring large images and distinctive type.

Of course, the website is also fully responsive across all devices. Click the link below the picture and see how you too can have a beautiful garden.